Monday, October 22, 2007

Ew gross

I was just sitting outside with the puppy, we have no fence at the mo' because of the construction, and I saw something icky. A cat came walking around the corner with a dead squirrel hanging out of its mouth.

It stopped, stared at me, flinched, and as I was getting up to take a picture to show everyone (by that I mean the one person that reads this) the nastiness. But as I took my second step the damn thing ran away. CURSES!!!!!

So instead I show a picture of the almost complete, as soon as the firewall is done, garage.

Oh and get this, we get a call from the people currently on my shit list who shall remain nameless. They tell us they will be here tomorrow to do the firewall, and they won't be staying overnight. (YAY!) Since it is only going to take them two days, they figure they will drive back and forth. (WOO HOO).

Then 20 minutes later they call back and AGAIN ask if we will have the rest of the money! As if now after telling them 6 times we will have it, that we have suddenly gone bankrupt and will screw them over for the remainder. I told the man to ask them if they want it in cash, just to shove it up their ass.

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