Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Synopsis

Saturday was pretty much uneventful. My mom came over and we ran a few errands that I had to get done for Sunday. No biggie.

Sunday we went to my best friends wedding. It was a small affair but good times. I was afraid she wasn't going to be able to hold it together, because she was stressing out about it all week to no end, making me crazy. But she made it through without even a half a Valium! He on the other hand looked like he needed a a drug store of anti anxieties and a few stiff drinks. But he made it through as well without passing out. So it was all good.

My mom, dad, bro and his fiancée were there, which was cool. Lady her man were invited but couldn't fly out to make it. That's the way it goes sometimes.

And now the best friend and her new hubby are honeymooning in Disney World, courtesy of her parents. I am jealous, it is so much fun there.

Came home from the wedding and passed out on the couch. Ordered wings and fries and then felt like a whale. Slept like crap.

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