Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The roof went up on the garage on Monday. I didn't have to help but I watched and it was extremely stressful watching whole sections being raised by the backhoe. There were 4 guys on the loft space floor guiding the sections into place with the backhoe pushing them up.

I seriously thought someone was going to lose their head because of the way they had to get it up there. Once it was up to a certain point they all had to duck down to get the pieces to match up at the peak. So it's up. And Tuesday was all day shingling. And the man ran the conduit for the electric.

Today is the beginning of siding, so things are going smoothly. Our electrician friend is coming tonight to run the wire to the garage. And then we will have power in there and won't have to run wires through the windows.

Pictures to follow, once I can get the damn things uploaded.

Update: Siding almost done

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