Friday, October 12, 2007

Garage Pics

This is the garage Before picture, purdy ain't it?
Yes this was a rotted out piece of shit. Holes in the roof, animals living in it, host to all sorts of mold and fungus. Something you would want on your property isn't it?

This is the garage 3 days from initial completion. This was when the inspector showed up and we were told we had to take the whole thing down and move it. All because one jealous neighbor complained. No one else cared about it, they were all happy the damn rotting mess was coming down. They think it was too big, it was slightly taller but same footprint. Now which structure would you rather look at? Seriously...

This is the removal of the 16 tons of concrete. That was a fun 2-3 days, a lot of work and a bunch of money to pay for the dumping of it.

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