Friday, October 26, 2007

How Much is that Doggy In the Window...

As much as I love my dog, this morning I wanted to kill her.

After having a crappy night sleep Wednesday, I went to bed relatively early last night, around 10.
Everything was all well and good until 4:30 when my dog decided she didn't want to sleep anymore.
So she kept jumping up and pawing the bed repeatedly. So I finally got up and took her outside, where she did her thing and I thought she would settle down.

So I went back to bed, and got all comfy. 10 minutes later she started jumping up and pawing the bed again. I tried to ignore it but she was persistent. So I picked her up and brought her into the bed. Usually this works and she settles down. This time, however, she couldn't sit freaking still and kept changing position. This went on for about 40 minutes until I finally just threw her out of bed and told her "go lie down, it's night night time".

It got about another 30 minutes of sleep after that. And now I am really freaking tired.

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