Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ow my eyes!!!!!

In my office I share a big room with 3 other people. We work with the evil flourescent overhead lights off because staring at a computer screen all day with the bright lights is just too painful for words. So in essence we are like mushrooms working in dim light all day.

Today we have one special client, who insists on coming in to pageinate the book that we are working on for her. She always says she will be in in the morning but never shows up until almost lunch, so she monopolizes the schedule. When she finally does come in, she likes to spread every page out on the tables behind us so that she can see what she has. This takes up most of the workspace in the office. And then she nit picks everything from spacing, to font thickness for hours.

Then when she is satisfied with all the pages, she turns all the overhead lights on and we are stuck working like squinting trolls.

I am currently working with sunglasses on to lessen the glare because I am so cool.

1 comment:

Only me said...

Poke her in the eye. And then say "That's how we feel. Bitch"

Too easy.