Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh the Horror

Ok so I decided to jump into the bathroom improvement. Both bathrooms in our house are very old and outdated. The floors are disgusting, faded, dirty looking no matter how or what you clean it with linoleum. So when we moved in they were covered with carpet remnants to cover the nastiness. Last night, since it was trash night, I took the carpet up. And I find this...

Yes the previous owner apparently had decided to try to remove it themselves and gave up. Much like they did with everything else in the house. Believe me I have never seen such a shitty job of painting and flooring skills in my life. But I digress.

The problem now is that I can't put the stick tiles down without taking up the rest of the floor because you will be able to see where there is a dip in the floor from the removed section.

So I went at the floor with a scraper and after and hour or so it looked like this...This is how I left it, because I was just too tired to finish. So the rest of the floor will be my evening activity today. And maybe I will patch the holes in the wall too. I will see how I feel later.

Oh did I mention that once the carpet was removed, there was a very strong smell of urine in there. Ugh.

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