Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween and all that stuff.

For some reason Halloween isn't that fun anymore. No one had a party or anything like that.
And the whole giving out candy just isn't that fun to me either. I must sound like an evil person. It's just that the dog goes crazy when the door bell rings or someone knocks and that makes the birds go nuts. And then I have to keep the dog from going out the front door when I opening it. And the man is away so there is no one to switch off with to get the door.

And it seems like kids don't even try to dress up anymore. Last year I had some kids come dressed in jeans and t-shirts and just store bought masks. So I feel like if you aren't going to bother really dressing up, I don't feel like bothering to answer the door.

I guess I am cranky...

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Only me said...

I have an intercom so I went to all the effort of sampling Byrns infamous "Release the hounds!"

And no fucker even knocked.